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Information Technology

Microsoft Discounts at UMass Amherst

Microsoft Campus Agreement

(IT Account NetID & password required)

Departments, faculty, and staff can download Microsoft products for use at work (on University-owned computers) or at home (through the home use program).

Eligibility: Products are available to UMass Amherst departments, faculty, and staff for University-owned computers. This program is not available to retirees, undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral students.

Microsoft Dreamspark

Microsoft Dreamspark offers full-time undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in at least one Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) course and faculty and staff in STEM departments at UMass Amherst a wide range of Microsoft products at no cost, including:

  • Windows operating systems (e.g., Windows 8)
  • Select Microsoft software (e.g., MS Project, MS Visio; does not include the Microsoft Office Suite)
  • Microsoft developer tools (e.g., Windows CE .NET, etc.)
  • Windows server operating systems & applications

Eligibility: Products are available to full-time graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in at least one STEM course. Full-time faculty and staff in STEM departments can use the software only for educational and research purposes (not for commercial or University work). Operating systems are available to faculty and staff for home use only. Retirees and part-time faculty and staff are not eligible for this program.

Microsoft Software Through GovConnection

Departments, students, faculty, and staff can obtain competitive discounts on Microsoft software and operating systems not available through our other volume discount programs.

  • Microsoft software (including Microsoft Office 365)
  • Windows operating systems
  • Windows servers

Eligibility: Products can be used for University or personal use. Software from this program may not be used for non-University business use.